what's something you do that might make guys not want to date you


I let my armpit hair grow out and then wax them so I don’t have to deal with shaving or anything for 5 weeks straight. this last time it was 6 weeks lol I don’t care, but I’ve had friends tell me it’s not even that gross so idk I guess not showering is the next reason but I shower daily so….

I can’t get anything done when I’m listening to Daft Punk because I dance and flail my arms around too much.

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I want my mutuals to ask me stuff

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The New York Times 
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strike a pose

cover girl
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I miss Jessica entirely too much right now. I kind of just wanna lay around already and have her tell me stories about Romania and about her family and I wanna talk to her about the good stuff and the weird stuff and the bad stuff. I just really miss my best friend sister girl friend lame girl person and I can’t wait to hug each other and be sad girls together because you don’t even know. we’re the saddest girls around town. lol but I really wanna go outside and do things and have lunches and breakfast and dinner and I wanna decorate together. I wanna drink lots of expensive wine and laugh at slurred words. I wanna dance to her girly pop playlists lol I’m done. please don’t read this. it’s stupid and annoying and this was more for her than it was for you or me. I don’t wanna @ her and I wanna be lame.

I wish I could forget more things, sometimes. 

ways to get closer to your new coworkers:

- sing Nsync songs together
- dance to Frank Sinatra in the lobby when there’re no clients around
- play with each others’ hair and give scalp massages
- talk about boys and how girls are cooler no matter what
- share family stories that aren’t super personal
- compliment each other
- buy each other food and complain about how full you are and then share your chocolate
- insult each other and then laugh because it’s hilarious.

I’ve been there a week and am super happy :)

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